"NEKABOOKING", from Nekatur, offers users rural tourism accommodation in the Basque Country. Choose the features you want, and offers users handling of the booking at no additional cost at association accommodation.


  • By Telephone on 943 32 70 90
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  • By e-mail: erreserbak@nekatur.net
  • By filling in the form Open the form
  • Via our Website:

    You can search for availability according to the features you want using ‘accommodation search’ located on the right of the "home" page. The result will show all accommodation available in line with the characteristics requested, allowing you to make a booking.

    By entering "NEKABOOKING" on the right of the “home” page.

    From the accommodation data card. Access by clicking on the identification under the name "nekaBookings".


Under no circumstances will the customer be charged any amount other than that agreed via the Nekatur booking service.

  • More details with current prices are shown on each accommodation information sheet.
  • All prices include VAT (10%) unless otherwise indicated in the accommodation details or by nekaBookings.
  • The price types and definitions are shown below:
    • Day rate: price of one night in the accommodation.
    • Weekend rates: staying from Friday to Sunday, ie 2 nights.
    • Weekly rates: a stay of 7 consecutive nights.


  1. Once the customer has shown interest in booking "Nekabooking" accommodation, the contact details and booking characteristics are requested, after which the cost is given.
  2. The pre-booking will be confirmed within 24 hours of the customer agreeing to the accommodation cost.
  3. When “Nekabooking” has confirmed the pre-booking with the owner, it will use one of the means of contact provided by the client in order to give information on the form of advance payment.This process may vary depending on the method stipulated by the owner for advance payment. The forms of advance payment accepted by the accommodation establishment may be one or more of the following

    • When payment is received by Nekabooking, it will send the customer detailed confirmation of the reservation along with other any other documents required (internal rules, etc). Until this occurs, the reservation is not confirmed.
    • The reservation is guaranteed until 8 pm on the day of arrival. After this time, the reservation will be considered cancelled (unless prior notice has been given). The customer will lose the reservation as well as the right to any refund.
    • The enjoyment of the accommodation and the services booked through "Nekabooking" will last until the date agreed by both parties. Any extension or reduction of this period must be agreed with “Nekabooking”.

    Should the owner not accept advance payments, the booking shall be completed as soon as availability is confirmed by the accommodation establishment.

    The deadline to make the deposit (in those establishments which so require) is 48 hours from the time of receipt by Nekabooking of confirmation of the pre-booking. Whenever advance payment is required, the name of the person who made the booking must be shown in the transaction.To speed up the booking confirmation process, proof of payment can be sent to Nekatur by email (erreserbak@nekatur.net) or fax (943.32.67.00). Any bank fees charged for the transfer shall always be paid for by the client and never by the owner of the property.

    Some accommodation establishments offer online booking through Nekabooking. In this case booking is confirmed once the card details have been entered.


The minimum stay in bookings made through nekaBOOKINGS is 2 nights, except during Easter week and on working days falling between public holidays, which will be 3 or 4 nights, depending on the number of days of public holiday or as defined by the accommodation.At nekaBookings all accommodation has the option of establishing a minimum number of nights at different times of the year.

In the event of bookings made within 72 hours of check-in, the client must pay the entire amount when making the booking, except in establishments which do not accept advance payments. When the booking is made in person at Nekatur offices, payment may be in cash, by bank transfer to the account number of the property owner or by bankcard in order for the owner to charge the amount to it or use it as guarantee of payment, in line with the particular terms and conditions of the accommodation establishment.

Bookings must be made at least 48 hours before check-in time.

The booking will not be effective until advance payment is completed in line with the conditions stipulated by each establishment and confirmation of the booking is received from the booking office.Payment of the deposit must be made using one of the forms of payment accepted by the establishment; in the event of transfer to the account held by Nekabooking, the transaction must show the name of the person who made the pre-booking. The outstanding amount must be paid to the owner or manager of the property upon presentation of the invoice.

Whenever a bankcard is accepted as guarantee of payment, the establishment shall, in the event of cancellation, be entitled to charge a percentage of the advance payment to the card, as set out in legislation.

The following deposit will be required (percentage of the total booking):

  • 1 night or extended booking: 100% of all services booked.
  • 2 day stays or longer: 50% of all services booked.
  • Check-in within less than 72 hours: 100% of all services booked.

Failure to complete payment of the deposit, whenever so required, within the established deadline (48 hours) will lead to the pre-booking expiring and being cancelled.

The remainder of the booking will be paid directly at the accommodation at the end of the stay or at the beginning (if indicated as such in the accommodation's internal rules).

The customer is completely and solely responsible for correctly declaring the total number of persons occupying the accommodation. The owner or NEKABOOKING may legally refuse entry to, or evict, any person who has not been declared.

Whenever the accommodation establishment allows pets, it is incumbent upon the client to correctly state the number of animals staying. The owner or NEKABOOKING is legally entitled to refuse entry or have removed any animals which have not been correctly declared.

In the reservations made by Nekabooking, only services included in the pre-booking document sent to the client will be applicable. Other services for that accommodation, published on the Nekatur web page, may be applied, if appropriate. Nekatur is not responsible for the implementation of these services.

The customer is subject to the uses and regulations - particularly any internal procedural rules - of the individual accommodation whose services are to be enjoyed or contracted.The customer is responsible for the accommodation occupied and its contents. He or she must take care of it and leave it clean and tidy. The customer will be responsible for paying the costs of any damages incurred.

In particular, the customer will refrain from activities that may cause harm or discomfort to other tourists or anyone else who may be affected.

Upon presentation of the bill or other document, the customer must pay the full price of the services reserved. Any claim or complaint does not justify a reduction in this payment.Personal data provided for this service will be treated in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Policy.


An extension to the stay is possible, providing the accommodation is available. If so, the price to be paid is recalculated according to the current rates. The new reservation is confirmed once the requested advance is paid.

If the owner agrees, a change to the dates can be negotiated. Under no circumstances, will any possible reduction in the reserved days be granted.

If a customer is not satisfied with the service offered, he or she must contact the owner as soon as possible or, failing that, our office. This makes it possible to clarify certain things during their stay.


If a reservation is cancelled, a percentage of the deposit - which varies according to the notice period - is withheld as a penalty. All cancellation costs (transfer commission, etc) are borne by the customer.

No. of days' notice Percentage penalty
0-15 100%
16-30 50%
Greater than 31 5%

Should NEKABOOKING have to cancel the reservation due to forces outside of its control, the customer is offered a change of dates, accommodation of the same type (subject to availability) or a full refund of the amount paid.

Guests cancelling once at the accomodation must pay the full amount of all services booked by NekaBooking.


All the accommodation information published in www.nekatur.net is provided by each establishment directly. Therefore, NEKATUR, despite monitoring each establishment, is not responsible for the authenticity or accuracy of the information contained. It is responsible for the accommodation only.

By using the NEKATUR Booking service, “Nekabooking”, the customer accepts all the conditions stated above.