fachada agroturismo Pagorriaga en Gipuzkoa

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Capacity: 8 persons + 3 extra beds / Distribution + Info

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Agustin Linazasoro pagorriaga@gmail.com

Urdanpileta 13 - · 20739
BEASAIN (Gipuzkoa)
Latitude: 43.101309145 Length: -2.213409292

Lounge: For guests only
Kitchen: For guests only
Green area: YES
Animals: Yes
Animals allowed: horses (outside - intemperie), dogs (consultar)
Building: Refurbished
Location of owner's residence: Same house but with independent entrance
Languages: basque, catalan, english, russian, spanish

License number: KSS00120 Information on the accessibility of the accommodation

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The owner especially mentions:

  • - Views
  • - Environment
  • - Peacefulness



Day160.00 €
1 night only200.00 €
Weekend320.00 €
Week1120.00 €
Option 9 people
Day320.00 €
1 night only360.00 €
Weekend640.00 €
Week2240.00 €
Option 10 people
Day480.00 €
1 night only520.00 €
Weekend960.00 €
Week3360.00 €
Option 11 people
Day640.00 €
1 night only680.00 €
Weekend1280.00 €
Week4480.00 €


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Whole housePrice
Lunch per person (on request)15.00 €
Dinner per person (on request)15.00 €
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Casa entera 6-8 personas

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Characteristics and Services

Common Services

  • Heating in the rooms Heating in the rooms
  • Fire place Fire place
  • Recreation zone Recreation zone
  • Terrace Terrace
  • Internet access Internet access

Other services

  • Agricultural activities: Ecological vegetable garden, Cultivation of plants, Grass pick up
  • Livestock activities: Donkey, Horses, Goats, Deer
  • Products on sale: Eggs, Liqueurs
  • Animals : Goats, Deer, Shees, Hens, Ducks, Cats, Geese, Dogs


See full accessibility diagnosis
  • PhysicalPhysical / Not accessible
  • VisualVisual / Practicable
  • AuditoryAuditory / Practicable
  • IntellectualIntellectual / Accessible
  • OrganicOrganic / Practicable


The Pagorriaga country house is at a place that Parical Local Plans calls Natural Interesting Places of Murumendi. It is 700 metres hight, with an exceptional surrounding views. Vantage point where you could see the sea, Anboto mountain chain, most of the south and east mountains of Guipuzcoa, down Murumendi, and stuck to the precipice where starts Beizama biotope, biggest oak forest of Guipuzcoa. The kárstico subsoil had made, caves, chasms, dolinas, springs, and brooks with water-falls. The flora is riched by hollyes, jew trees, beechs, oaks, ash trees and at these moment, clean fields because of the action of deers. The fauna is also varied : wild boars, foxes, badgers, mountain cats, roes, and every kind of birds, and at the brooks, troats. The country house is a square building with the roof at two water way. The walls are built with stone with mortar and the estructure is made by wood. It is totally renewed being the superior part (loft) for lodgement use : 4 rooms, 2 living rooms (one with down fire), 2 baths and kitchen. It has 19 Has. of field, all around the farmhouse, where is a adult alerce-pine forest (40-50 years) with ground of green grass, big prairies with beechs and oaks, and mixed mountain (pines, beeches, oaks, birch trees, willows, hawthorms and forest cleans) where the deers graze. The base of the cattle raising is the doe herd in its age pyramid ; 70 breeding, 5 adult stags, bareto and primalas (one year old, that are the base of the comercialization product) and the fawns born in the year. Also we have some sheeps, one herd of tiny goats and every king of farmyard birds. The deers are fed principally with farm grasses, and form time to time (winter and milking time) we add hay and cereals (barley, corn, oats, beet…). The country house is fed with wind and sun energy, and like fuel, the wood.

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 43.101309145 Length: -2.213409292

  • Distances:
  • Distance to Vitoria-Gasteiz: 73 Km
  • Distance to San Sebastián: 43 Km
  • Distance to Bilbao: 87 Km
  • Distance to the coast: 42 Km
  • Distance from the reservoir: 6 Km
  • Distance from the nature park: 40 Km
  • Distance from the nearest health centre: 15 Km
  • Altitude above sea level: 700 m

What to see and do

Things to see Tourist Attractions


  • Treking Treking
    In Situ
  • Fishing Fishing
    In Situ
  • Caves Caves
    In Situ
  • Mountain sports Mountain sports
    In Situ
  • Nature park aralar Nature park aralar
    5 Km
  • March March
    < 1 Km
  • Canyons Canyons
    In Situ
  • Megalithico monument Megalithico monument
    In Situ

Leisure activities

Aktiva We recommend the Aktiba website. There you will easily find active tourism activities throughout the region.

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17 Guests' opinions

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  • Usuario

    Jon 09 May, 2017

    • 1
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    • 3
    • 4
    • 5

    Fuimos a pasar un fin de semana tranquilo, pero no esperábamos de ninguna manera lo que nos encontramos. Una vez allí conocimos a Agus, con quien tuvimos el placer de hablar de temas muy interesantes. Por otra parte nos ayudó a realizar un maravilloso "ritual" a través de una cueva frecuentada por "Mari", diosa mitológica del País Vasco. La verdad, toda una experiencia. El lugar en sí, genial, rodeado de animales libres y un paraje idílico. La verdad, para repetir. La estancia incluye no sólo alojamiento, es en sí una experiencia vital. ¡Altamente recomendable!

  • Usuario

    Marcial 08 December, 2015

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5

    Hemos estado muy agusto, el lugar es fantástico y muy autentico, es un sitio privilegiado con unas vistas espectaculares y con un bosque precioso que merece la pena visitar, la atencion de Agustin muy buena y como guia no tiene precio. Recomendable al 100%

  • Usuario

    ziortza 21 January, 2015

    Un lugar mágico, espectacular, natural, sano y lleno de energía positiva que han sabido transmitirla con mucho afecto y cariño ( Maite, Ainhoa, Agus y el grupo de M2 ). Esta experiencia me ha venido muy bien ”lo he notado yo y mi alrededor o entorno como bien e aprendido en esta excursión lo e transmitido y asi me lo han comunicado" en definitiva me han devuelto la confianza y auto estima, a sentirme persona, mujer, madre a pensar en mi y a poder respirar aire de libertad... Estoy muy agradecida a todas las personas que han echo posible que yo disfrute de esta experiencia que jamás olvidare y espero poder repetirla porque es muy beneficiosa y me ha ayudado mucho. Eternamente agradecida: ZIortza.

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