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Coordinate GPS The green way of Arditurri
- Latitudine: 43,284046
- Lunghezza: -1,808081

Informazioni di interesse

The Green way of Arditurri brings you in contact with nature and history; it offers a sweet way to escape into fascinating territories with a rich and varied landscape.
Located in the municipal district of Oiartzun, this pathway for pedestrians and cyclists only, allows them to cover, in just a few hours, a distance of more than 2000 years of history.
The Green way crosses the whole district and ends at the foot of the majestic Aiako Harria. It runs parallel to the Oiartzun River, on the old railway line which linked the mines of Arditurri - worked since the first century by the Romans- with the port of Pasaia. Nowadays, this green path, completely integrated into the nature of the Oiartzun Valley, is linked with the cycle lanes of Errenteria, Lezo and Pasaia, thus having the opportunity to get to Donostia-San Sebastian.
Walking along the Green Way, when we are in the Ergoien neighbourhood precisely, we will find various bars and restaurants which offer traditional food at both sides of the road, so we can enjoy the very best of the Basque cuisine on our journey

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