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Coordinate GPS Old part of Lezo
- Latitudine: 43,322717
- Lunghezza: -1,893772

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The art found in the Old Part of Lezo, and particularly the areas around the square, is of high architectural-artistic value. One must is the Gothic image of the Holy Christ inside the Santo Cristo Basilica, a religious building which, although initially nothing but a small hermitage, saw the construction of today's Renaissance Basilica following presumed miracles at the end of the 16th Century and therefore the spreading of devotion to the image throughout the entire Basque Country. The peculiarity of this image lies in the fact that it is one of the only three beardless Christs to exist in Europe. You can also visit the Parish Church of San Juan Bautista, the first written reference to which dates from 1399. Other outstanding aspects in the Old Part are its 16th Century buildings, Emblazoned Houses, and the 17th Century Town Hall among others.
The Old Part stands out against Mount Jaizkibel, setting of various itineraries through a countryside dominated by the green of the mountains and the blue of the Bay of Biscay. One of these routes starts in Lezo, making its way over Mount Jaizkibel into Hondarribia.
Lezo also has numerous extremely valuable farmhouses such as Olatzar, Borda, Minkura, Bordatxo, Darieta-zar "Daita", Miura, Iribarren, Gaintza, Apaiziartza, Itzua bekoa, San Juan Iturria, Itxue, Galardi, Arpire-enea, Maisu Cristobal-enea, Susana-enea, Sagu-enea, Jamot-enea, Mandasayania, Pikandia-enea, Paskual-enea, Kuartela, Mariya-enea, Txerrimuno, Zabala-etxea and Andreone.


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