The Karpin Abentura Ecological Park is located in Karrantza/Carranza's Biañez neighbourhood in the Encartaciones region, in the west end of Bizkaia.

Category: Future protected areas

Bizkaia: Karrantza Harana/Valle De Carranza.


Karpin Abentura
Barrio Biañez s/n, 48891 Valle de Carranza
944 479 206 (workdays)
946 107 066 - 626 622 245 (summer and public holidays).


In this area of 20 hectares, visitors can observe wild animal species that are representatives of the Iberian and European fauna. They are accommodated in large spaces that reproduce their natural environment.

Most animals are ill or injured and have been ceded by individuals or institutions. As they are unable to survive on their own, those creatures are on display in order to work on behalf of the environmental education, in the hope of promoting the interest in preserving the environment.

Karpin Abentura offers the opportunity to make out the sense of the species evolution. The park provides a walk through the living history of the local fauna, at the same time as it approaches visitors to the principle of evolution and to the first life forms on Earth in the Darwin Jauregia, one of the park's four thematic areas.

On the other hand, those who come around Karpin Abentura will learn about the human evolution in the area known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens. They will also be able to travel to the fantastic Jurassic in the Terrasauro and to admire the big carnivorous and herbivorous that inhabited the Earth 10,000 years ago in Gastornisland.


It is open every day during school holidays (Easter, summer, Christmas, long weekends). The rest of the year, it opens weekends and bank holidays to any kind of public. Guided tours for groups (only workdays).

Pozalagua Cave, located 5 km far from Karpin Abentura, is also worth a visit. Showing the ticket to Karpin you will get a discount.


The ecological park is well known for accommodating a great number of species that are representatives of the Iberian and European fauna. It is a privileged refuge for over 55 different animal species, as a result of 3,500 million years of evolution.

In Karpin Abentura, for example, visitors can admire the biggest species of the European fauna: wolves, lynxes, brown bears, otters, roe deer, bison, birds of prey, etc. Besides, visitors can also observe varied tamed native animals, as well as animated life-size dinosaurs.


The park stands for its ornamental and enormous native tree and plant species and for the shrub diversity.

Situazione e allogi vicini

Access: Two access roads departing from Bilbao:

Coastal route through the A-8 motorway (Colindres/Burgos Exit) and the new N-629 fast route until the turnoff of Karrantza/Carranza (55 minutes, recommended if travelling with underage people).

The inland route through the BI-636 road up to Zalla. Then, go on the BI-630 road until Karrantza/Carranza (recommended for those who want to visit other attractive settings in the Encartaciones region).

Public Transport: FEVE offers a bus-train voucher to get to Karpin Abentura. Tel: 944 250 629

Car Park: There is a large car park for cars and buses 100 metres away from the park entrance.


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