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Coordinate GPS Basilica of Santa María of Uribarri
- Latitudine: 43,168017
- Lunghezza: -2,631243

Informazioni di interesse

We find a description of the Basilica of Santa María of Uribarri in the chronicles of the visit of Queen Isabella the Catholic of Castile to Durango, at the end of the XV century.
It boasts the status of National Monument, and is one of the most important buildings of its kind in the Basque Country.
Its magnificent portico is the largest in the Basque Country. The interior deserves special attention.
The magnificent altarpiece of the Altar Mayor, of Romanist style, is the work of Maese Martin Ruiz de Zubiate, a disciple of Anchieta and is one of the best examples in the Basque Country.
Sheltered in its central niche is a late gothic wooden carving of Andra Mari de Uribarri (Santa Maria de Uribarri), patron saint of Durango.
Special mention must be given to the Choir, of "Reyes Católicos" style, the original element of most antiquity in the church.
The oldest part of the temple, which has been subject to successive reforms and extentions, is gothic-renaissance, typical of the style at the turn of the XVI century.
During the first quarter of the XVII century the church underwent major reforms, this second stage in its structural history being classicist-baroque which is how we see the church today.

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