What should I buy? Are you at a loss to choose a gift? Are you fed up with material gifts?

A great gift would be an unforgettable experience! A stay anywhere! You’re sure to make the right choice!

Apart from the gift vouchers, NEKATUR offers you three types of gift cheques that can be used throughout the year and in any establishment. You can use the cheques to present your partner, a relative or friends with a stay or as a company gift or as a gift for the family, etc. they can also be used as a complement to the gift vouchers for stays offered by Nekatur. Get to know NEKATUR’s gift nekaCHEQUES – one of them will be just right for you!

Choose your nekaCHEQUE and get to know all the details!

Types of gift nekaCHEQUES

Maroon gift nekaCHEQUE


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Purple gift nekaCHEQUE


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Gift nekaCHEQUES to the sum of your choice

__€(You choose the value. From 50 Euros.)


Conditions regarding gift nekaCHEQUES

  • NekaCHEQUES can be exchanged throughout the year
  • The nekaCHEQUE may be exchanged for its face value as part payment of the accommodation or of any service or product sold at a Nekatur establishment where the holder wishes to exchange the cheque.
  • The nekaCHEQUE can be used for full payment of the services contracted or products bought or as partial payment.
    • If the full amount of the services contracted or products purchased is higher than the value of the nekaCHEQUE, the customer must pay the difference.
    • If the full amount of the services contracted or products purchased is lower than the value of the nekaCHEQUE, the customer may acquire another product or service offered in the establishment up to the value of the cheque. No cash refund will be made.
  • The nekaCHEQUE must be exchanged for its value in the same establishment and during one stay only.
  • The nekaCHEQUE is valid until the date shown on it.
  • The nekaCHEQUE must always be reserved through NEKATUR (+34943327090).
  • The nekaCHEQUE must always be exchanged for a room/apartment/complete house or direct service offered by the establishment during a customer’s stay.
  • VAT (10%) is included in the price of the nekaCHEQUE.
  • Cancellations: Once the booking has been made, no cancellations will be accepted. Only dates may be changed (keeping the accommodation) provided this is of no inconvenience to the owner (should this be the case, cancellations would be made through Nekatur).
  • Once the nekaCHEQUE has been purchased, Nekaturwill not return the amount spent on the purchase.
  • The nekaCHEQUE can be both digitally (at no extra cost) and physically (with delivery costs) acquired by post.

How to purchase the gift nekaCHEQUE

They can be acquired in Nekatur’s offices (Zuatzu - Edificio PIA Eraikina - Juan Fermin Gilisagasti, 2 - Oficina 310 Bulegoa - 20.018 Donostia/San Sebastian). Check location

You can place an order by phone to Nekatur +34.943.32.70.90 You will be given an account number for the purpose of making the deposit, after which you will receive the voucher by post.

You can order it through the web tab of nekaCHEQUES in Nekatur.


Reservations are always made through Nekatur by telephoning +34.943.32.70.90

Cancellations: Once the reservation has been made cancellations will not be accepted. Only the dates may be changed (but not the accommodation) if this is of no inconvenience to the owner (in this case, changes would also be made through Nekatur).