1. We offer information on some of the services which are offered from the Association Nekazalturismoa-Landaturismoa and how to join up:


    • Web page: www.nekatur.net features extensive information on each one of the establishments.
    • guide is published annually of Rural Farmhouses and Rural Guesthouses in the Basque Country as well as other promotional material such as CDs, maps of the provinces, bookmarks, calendars etc.
    • The information is updated from other editions and internet portals.
    • Support is offered on implementing the "Quality System" to obtain the quality certificate Q for rural farmhouses and country guesthouses, as well as the Good Practise Manual.
    • Booking Availability System is also offered, through which the owner can report on the availability of their establishment.
    • Attendance at shows and fairs on an international and national level to promote our establishments.
    • Organisation of training courses.
    • Publicity, commercialisation, etc.
    • photographic study of the establishment.


    To belong to the association you must be the owner or titleholder of a rural farmhouse and/or a rural guesthouse in the Basque Country and be in possession of the License to Operate issued by the Department of Tourism of the Basque Government.

    Documents to be presented

    The following is a list of information to be submitted to become a member of the Nekazalturismo-Landaturismoa association:

    • Copy of the License to Operate issued by the Department of Tourism of the Basque Government.
    • Copy of Civil Liability Insurance.
    • 2 passport size photographs of the owner or person in charge.
    • Photocopy of the Identity card of the owner or person in charge.
    • Membership form for the association.
    • Lodging information sheet.
    • Survey (information for the web).
    • 8 photos (temporary until such time as the photographic study of the accommodation is carried out).
    • Commitment to the Booking Service (should you be interested).
    • Map (on how to get to the lodging if it has not been drawn on the survey).


    To become a member of the association a membership fee must be paied, choosing one of these payment options:

    *ACCESS FEE 350€

    -Includes: access + Nekatur plate + telephone training on Nekatur Tools

    -Payment form: 200€ before access (deposit) and 150€ after 3 months (by account)


    -Includes: access + Nekatur plate + training/presentation of Nekatur Tools insitu + extensive photographic report.

    -Payment form: 300€ before access (deposit) and 200€ after 3 months (by account)

    Once you have become a member of the association, an annual fee is then paid which is calculated by adding 130 € + the price obtained from one day in the establishment (calculated by multiplying the number of rooms by the average price of the same). The total result is divided by 12 (months) and this is the monthly amount.

    Example: Accommodation which rents out rooms and has 6 rooms, with each room priced at 40€.

    6 (rooms) x 40 (room price) = 240 € (rate for 1 day) + 130 € (fixed amount) = 370 € divided by 12 (months) = 30.83 € (monthly).

    Procedure for joining the association

    1. Presentation of all the documents required in the main office of the association.
    2. Presentation of the information in the following monthly meeting of the Board of Directors where the documents will be studied and a visit to the establishment is decided.
    3. The person responsible for carrying out the visit contacts the owner to carry out the visit and make an assessment of the establishment.
    4. All the documents are then presented again and the visit is assessed in the next Board meeting where it will be decided if the establishment is accepted or not by the association.
    5. If the request is accepted the office staff will inform the interested party and request them to lodge the membership fee in one of the association's bank numbers.
    6. Once the interested party sends the receipt of payment of the membership fee, membership will then become effective and written acknowledgement will be received.
    7. All the information will then be included in the different supports of the organisation (web, guide up-date, data base, etc.), and customers will be informed of the lodging in question (should you be interested in the booking service).